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Amlwch Town Council
Lôn Goch
LL68 9EN

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The town of Amlwch has had a council representing the interests of the local community for well over 100 years and is one of 735 community councils based in Wales. The Council normally consists of 15 individuals hailing from the local community who have either been elected or co-opted onto the council, together with a full-time Town Clerk who attends all meetings.
The Council usually meets on the evening on the 4th Tuesday of every month in the council chambers at Lon Goch at 7pm. These meetings are open to everyone, although it must be noted that members of the public are not permitted to contribute directly to the meetings. However, individuals or groups are welcome to make personal representations by prior arrangement or through written correspondence.
Elections for positions on the council take place every four years but can also occur when a vacancy arises and more than one person expresses an interest in becoming a member. Whereas the co-opting of a new Councillor occurs whenever a vacancy has arisen and only one person expresses an interest in becoming a member. Unlike County Councillors who represent areas (wards) within the local authority, Community Councillors receive no re-numeration in relation to their roles and activities and therefore give their time and efforts freely.